New online casinos continue to appear, pushing the boundaries and challenging the establishment. 2017 is no different; the year has seen an influx of exciting and vibrant casinos. Casinos that have done their research and offer players a variety of environments to play in. Top notch, familiar software developers are seen alongside exciting newcomers, offering gameplay that is challenging, rewarding and fun.

What New Casinos Are There In 2017?

If asked what new casinos are there in 2017, the answer would be simple. There are a lot. These new casinos have brought more exciting diversity to this burgeoning market. We are starting to see the results of improved technology in the standard of 3D gaming and gamification. Playing on the go is now a firm reality with optimised sites and games available across the platforms. Bonuses are getting bigger and better, as are the wagering requirements. Quicker withdrawals and more options for payments are also available, along with speedier registration processes.

What new casinos are there in 2017 & beyond? Is Virtual Reality Next?

Slot Heaven is one of the newest casinos of 2017, that is a nirvana for all who love slots.The dramatic neon colouring on a black background introduces you to an easy, manoeuvrable site. The slots are accompanied by a variety of table games and the increasingly popular Live casino play. Another newbie for 2017 is Sloty Casino, with its refreshing airline theme and yet again a vast assortment of slots and games to suit all level of players. The bonuses on offer at these new casinos are also well worth checking out.

What Kind of Improvements Should You Be Seeing?

When we look at new casinos, there is a definitive move to attract new customers, but also features to keep registered players interested and happy. The use of social media to update and inform on new bonuses and games is also on the increase. Most of the casinos now are incorporating a search function so players can find their favourites quickly. They are also increasing the number of developers they use, and improving the overall quality of the games offered. Bonuses and exciting promotions continue to be a source of competition between the casinos, increasing the benefits to players.

What’s Next For The Online Casinos?

In improving the quality of online gaming and the offers attached to that, we can expect to see the competition between sites and improved gaming opportunities continuing. As technology opens up more avenues, we will see the arrival of Virtual Reality, or even Augmented Reality casinos, sooner rather than later. Live casino action has proven popular, and the optimisation for tablets and smartphones has increased access to these sites. Players expect a level of quality and improvement of 3D games both in visual quality and engaging storylines. These expectations will continue to drive improvements and developments, as casinos look to attract real money players to their sites.